How to install Apache Kafka In Linux

Posted: April 6, 2017 in menu

1. Download it from HERE
2. Double click and run Kafka.
3. Start your lampstack on local host using terminal HOW TO RUN.
4. Go to your php.ini file php/etc and edit it by using vi, less, nano any editor: for nano command sudo nano php php.ini
(a)go to end of file and write this to enable kafka extention ->
5. Download files from HERE and place these files in root “php” directory path: “../lampstack/php” folder.
5. go to php directory using cd php/
6. use command “~/lampstack-5.6.28-1/use_lampstack” avoid quotes.
7. php producer.php (running producer)
8. php consumer.php (running consumer)
9. Done
10 I recommend you to follow this LINK.


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